The Celts Exhibition, The National Museum of Scotland

//The Celts Exhibition, The National Museum of Scotland

The Celts Exhibition, The National Museum of Scotland


After a leisurely brunch at Montpeliers Restaurant in Bruntsfield in Edinburgh, Tricia and I walked along to the National Museum of Scotland to see ‘The Celts’ Exhibition, on what was the closing day.

Entry was £10 per person, with tickets on sale at the museum.

The exhibition was contained in two main rooms, with the artefacts in glass cases and with audio and video information available. There seemed to be a bit of an emphasis on ‘torcs’, in my opinion. These being solid necklaces made, in general, from gold, silver and bronze. The detail and decoration of these was amazing and very sophisticated, given the tools and technology available at the time they were created. However, I felt there was too much emphasis on them and that the exhibition lacked a little variety.  I also thought that a few pictures of the areas and geography of the areas the artifacts were discovered, might have provided more context and feeling for the displays. There was plenty of written information available regarding each exhibit and the layout and feeling was good, although there were some logistical issues, around the video presentations being placed at narrow bits of the passage through the exhibits, leading to a bit of a traffic jam of people at one point, with people wishing to watch the videos obstructing those wishing to continue through the exhibition.

We were glad that we had gone to see the exhibits, but not really sure that I could recommend it to anyone who does not have a specific interest in that time and in torcs in particular.


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