Hillwalking: Ben Lawers

//Hillwalking: Ben Lawers

Hillwalking: Ben Lawers

2nd October, 2016

Actually set out to climb An Stuc and Meall Garbh, which would have completed the Lawers Range set for me. My plan was to climb Ben Lawers from the carpark, taking the gentler route swinging around Ben Ghlas and arriving at Ben Lawers via the bealach between it and Ben Ghlas. The day was lovely, with lots of cloud inversion, but the promise of clear skies once the sun burned it off.

I set off up the hill and was soon in tee shirt and enjoying the autumn sun. The climb was relatively gentle and was very enjoyable. I eventually reached the bealach, with only the final ascent to the summit and although the climb was not steep, it had been quite long. I made it to the top of Ben Lawers and the views were magnificent! The wind was blowing and although lovely and sunny it was a little chilly. You could see to th ends of the world!

I had set off a little late and traffic on the way had delayed me further and if I am honest, I was quite tired after the ascent. I set of on the track towards An Stuc, which, as is always the way, looked closer than it actually was. The track descended quite steeply, with a little scrambling along the way and as anyone who knows me will know, I hate losing any sort of height. I emerged over another little hillock and realised that there was a lot more height to lose, before beginning the ascent of An Stuc, given the time and the fact that I was reversing the route to return to the car and would need to re-climb all these descent, added to the fact I was getting tired, I decided that I should put my sensible hat on and abandon for the day and return another time to these hills.

I climbed back over Ben Lawers and returned to the carpark, via the gentle route.

It had been a lovely day weather-wise and I had climbed the highest Munro in the range, so held that as a positive thought.

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