“Jack Reacher – Never Go Back”: Movie Review

//“Jack Reacher – Never Go Back”: Movie Review

“Jack Reacher – Never Go Back”: Movie Review


Was unsure of even going to see this film, as I had memories that the first ‘Jack Reacher’ film had under-whelmed me, but decided to give it a go.

Venue was Cineworld at the Forge as always, although a little ‘tired’, the staff are always helpful and jolly and the accommodation is generally clean and tidy.

The film was action packed and fast-moving, with acceptable performances from most of the actors. I generally like Tom Cruise as an actor and he almost always provides an entertaining experience. This film met that criteria, but not much more. The story line was a bit predictable, with few twists and it is always surprising how little effect physical trauma has on the stars and how quickly they appear to recover from what appears at the time to be life threatening injuries.

The ending, with what I am presuming they intended to be a twist was, as said before predictable, but the film was ok in general and did not drag, but entertained to a reasonable standard. Would not be rushing out to buy a DVD of it or to watch it again, but a couple of hours enjoyment. Worth going to see, just don’t expect a ‘classic’.


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