“Viewranger – Skyline”: App Review

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“Viewranger – Skyline”: App Review

I have used ‘Viewranger‘ whilst hill climbing for quite some time. I have always found it very useful and never really failed to get a connection, nor felt it was not accurate. It has kept me on the right track all the time whilst hill climbing! Just the other day I was discussing hill climbing in my office and stating my admiration for those guys who can point out all the mountains and points of interest as they climb and when they get to the summit. I find it impossible to identify anything other than the obvious peaks that are known well to me. Then lo and behold, up pops the latest addition to the Viewranger App, “Skyline“.

Skyline, allows you to scan the surrounding area using the camera on your phone and the app addition will tag all the hills and points of interest on the screen for you. I have only had a quick look and will write another review once I have actually used the app on a summit, but at first look this seems to be a great addition and something that I will make great use of.

5 out of 5 for they addition to what is already a great App!

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