Calexico (Celtic Connections) – Concert

//Calexico (Celtic Connections) – Concert

Calexico (Celtic Connections) – Concert

Date: 20th January, 2017

Venue: Glasgow Royal Concert Hall – an excellent venue for concerts. Well organised, clean and tidy, they even had the cafe open and we were able to have a relaxed coffee before the performance, as we had arrived well ahead of time as usual (nothing at all to do with Tricia! …. lol)

I had booked this concert on the strength of the genre and a listen to a couple of clips on ‘You Tube’ and the band did not disappoint, living up to my pre-concert prediction that they would be similar to Ry Cooder. Their mixture of American and Mexican styles was very reminiscent of Mr Cooder at his peak and they managed to provide a pulsating and exciting concert, which had the people in the standing area bopping and dancing for most of the evening. For anyone that likes ‘tex-mex’, high tempo, salsa style music, this was the event to be at! The guests added to event, in general, with one major disappointment, but more of that below.

My only criticism would have been in the ‘tempo’ of the concert. I like bands to put a lot of thought into where the ‘highlights’ of the concert are, when you get people out of their seats and when you let them cool down for a rest. I felt that they didn’t get that quite right, especially as far as the guest appearance of Katell Keineg was concerned, where in my opinion, the band had worked the audience nicely up to this point and had just had some upbeat bopping music and were obviously wanting to bring the audience back down a little for a while, however, Katell managed to completely deflate the audience. I would describe her three songs as ‘dirges’ and for me they were the low point of the evening. Also I found the encore a little downbeat too and would like them to have finished on a high energy note, but maybe that is just me!

However, I do not want to appear downbeat about this concert, overall, it was an excellent concert and will certainly be making sure that I secure tickets when the group next visits Scotland.



Juan Cirerol

Juan Cirerol – Was the band’s first guest and brought energy and excitement to the concert. Three good foot stomping numbers, which had the crowd cheering and out of their seats. He was ably assisted by Calexico, as they whipped the audience into a frenzy. An Excellent guest appearance and added greatly to the concert.

Katell Keineg

Katell Keineg – Also joined the band for three numbers, however she appeared on stage following a very upbeat portion of the set, when everyone was buzzing and I felt that rather than giving everyone a breather, Katell actually managed to totally deflate the proceedings. Her songs were very downbeat and I would describe them as ‘dirges’. I suppose there is always a risk if you come onstage immediately after one of the highlights of the night, but I do feel that she could have chosen the content and pace of her numbers better. Low point of the evening for me!

Gaby Moreno

Gaby Moreno – guested and played a couple of her own numbers as well as providing backing vocals for the band on several of their songs. She did an excellent set, in line with the rest of the concert, upbeat and fast paced songs, which I greatly enjoyed. Added to the concert and to the bands overall performance.

Pieta Brown

Pieta Brown – was introduced as a long term collaborator with the band and again performed three of her own numbers. Not my particular favourite, but the songs were ok and fitting with the rest of the concert. Not a highlight ofr me and i would not be rushing out to search for her next concert, but not because of her performance, simply my musical tastes.

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