“Liv On” – Concert (Celtic Connections)

//“Liv On” – Concert (Celtic Connections)

“Liv On” – Concert (Celtic Connections)

Date: 24th January, 2017

Venue: Glasgow Royal Concert Hall – as previously stated, still a great venue. Always well organised. clean and tidy. We decided against a third night of carrot cake and coffee and went for the ice cream at the interval instead. Cost is a bit prohibitive, but enjoyed it nonetheless.

The support band for this concert was ‘The John McCusker Band’ and for me, they were the highlight of the evening. Now, I confess to being at the concert slightly under duress, but I was open minded and knew that I liked Olivia Newton John’s hits, so was expecting to be entertained, if not bowled over. McCusker’s band was full of vitality and royally entertained the audience and perhaps was a prime example of the support band putting the main act in the shade! I am going to see them again next month and this really whetted my appetite! A good set, well structured and performed with excellence.

The concert consisted of Olivia Newton John, Amy Sky and Beth Nielsen Chapman collaborating on a project around grief and loss. I have to be honest and say that I had not really done my homework on this one and I fully expected to be entertained, rather than the American style, “let’s all share our grief and suffering” extravaganza that was presented. The pinnacle of which was asking for volunteers from the audience, to share their experiences and feelings with the rest of us. I am afraid that this was just not my idea of an entertaining evening at a concert. The music for me was overshadowed by the self pity and shared feeling of loss that was communicated throughout the set to the audience. I found most of the music, whilst well performed, depressing and downbeat, leading to a general feeling or morose and not the uplifting feeling that I think the performers hoped would be communicated.

I would not be rushing out to see this type of concert again and would probably think twice before seeing any of these artists either as a group or individually again in the future. I have given the night 2.5 stars and to be honest that is almost exclusively for the support act!

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