Heidi Talbot – Concert (Celtic Connections)

//Heidi Talbot – Concert (Celtic Connections)

Heidi Talbot – Concert (Celtic Connections)

Date: 4th February

Venue: Mitchell Theatre – excellent venue, manages to maintain an intimate feeling and both the auditorium and the general areas are well maintained and comfortable, with good facilities. A credit to the local council who run the venue.

Support: John Smith – a good set from the singer/songwriter. His set was affected by a late-arriving, over-refreshed fan who felt it necessary to have a shouted conversation with the performer between each song , however, he managed to quieten him down eventually and completed an entertaining well structured set. I would consider seeing him as a lead artist in the future.

Heidi performed, supported by her husband’s band (The John McCusker Band) and much to my delight, Louis Abbott, from Admiral Fallow. We had seen her perform late last year in Paisley, where we enjoyed an excellent show, but this performance surpassed that. The structure of the concert was, in my opinion, perfect, although they could perhaps refresh the jokes in between songs, for those in the audience who have seen them recently! The level of the performance was excellent to my untrained ear and I am in awe of the skills that each of them displayed. I am a particular fan of Louis Abbott and I would love to see this band form into a ‘permanent’ fixture and produce more of the excellent songs that have resulted from their joint ventures so far. The concert did not have highlights for me, but bowled along with every song a highlight. Sometimes in live shows, for me, things can get drawn out and artists can become self-indulgent, but Heidi does not suffer from this and got the pace and tone of every song and their order, just about spot on. If Heidi can maintain this level of performance, larger venues will soon unfortunately be needed, as her following must surely grow.

I am a great fan of ‘council’ venues as they are well run, with usually a defined timescale, however, I would gladly have had this concert run over time and last all night, but who knows, perhaps you should always leave them wanting more.

An excellent concert and a fitting end to our attendance at Celtic Connections for another year!

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