McCusker, McGoldrick and Doyle – Concert Review

//McCusker, McGoldrick and Doyle – Concert Review

McCusker, McGoldrick and Doyle – Concert Review


Date: 2nd March, 2017

Venue: Tolbooth Theatre, Stirling – excellent venue, well run and comfortable. This venue is great for this type of intimate concert. Love going here and always feel as though the artists connect well, almost like having them playing to you in your own living-room.

Concert: as I have come to expect from John McCusker a well balanced and well choreographed concert, with close to perfect performances from all the artists. John McCusker performed at his usual  high level, whilst both Michael McGoldrick and John Doyle matched that level. The artists, as seems to be almost always the case with this genre of music, were humble and down to earth and appeared devoid of egos. I suppose that an ego is essential to perform on stage, but they do not exhibit any horrible characteristics and always come across as just ordinary every-day nice guys. They led the listener on a journey through upbeat and downbeat moments, but could never be accused of being dull or one paced. I thoroughly enjoyed the night and would not hesitate to buy tickets to see them all again as a group, or as individuals. A brilliant night out!

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