“Logan” – Movie Review

//“Logan” – Movie Review

“Logan” – Movie Review


Date: 8th March, 2017

Venue: Cineworld, Parkhead – as always quiet and spacious, with pleasant helpful staff. However, they really need to address the smell in the gents toilets, seems clean, but they could do with an air freshener, really an issue!

Movie: I am not a great fan of ‘superhero’ movies, however the trailers had interested me enough for me to go along and give it a go. The plot was pretty thin and a tad predictable, but my expectations were quite low, so not an issue.

Hugh Jackman turned in a reasonable performance, but not having seen the previous films in the series, I am unsure if this moody performance reflects ‘Wolverine’s’ normal disposition. The action was fast and furious and although quite violent, the gore was appropriate and not over emphasised. The film at over 2 hours is quite long but did not seem so on viewing, which is always a good sign.

Patrick Stewart played , what is fast becoming his stock in trade, the ageing controlling figure on the way out, but did it with his usual efficiency and style.

I did enjoy the film, although I will not be rushing home to seek out the previous films in the series on Netflix. Well worth a viewing!

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