“Kong, Skull Island” – Movie Review

//“Kong, Skull Island” – Movie Review

“Kong, Skull Island” – Movie Review


Date: 17th March, 2017

Venue: Cineworld, Silverburn – as always clean tidy venue, with friendly helpful staff.

Movie: Only gave this one star and think that is about the right mark. Little story line, fast enough moving, but no real feeling of where the story came from or where it moved on to. I do like movies to entertain and this movie just made that hurdle and no more. Weary stereo-typecast  performance from Samuel Jackson, Tom Hiddleston there as little more than eye-candy, playing a character, that for me, he didn’t fit into and the rest of the cast seemed to be putting little or no effort in to make any of the performances outstanding.

Decidedly average film which might be ok to fill a really dull evening, but not one that will hold any fond memories or that I could really recommend to others!

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