“Eddi Reader” – Concert Review

//“Eddi Reader” – Concert Review

“Eddi Reader” – Concert Review

Date: 20th April, 2017

Venue: City Halls, Glasgow – usual city council venue, well organised and prompt timings, no issues at all.


Support act was Adam Holmes and I am afraid that I thought he was terrible. His songs were all downbeat and dreary and he failed to generate any atmosphere whatsoever. The auditorium became illuminated with the eerie light of people checking their mobile phones, in fact one lady in front of me was browsing “It’s On” and playing solitaire during his session! Think he needs to work on his stagecraft and the structure of his presentation, no toe tapping or excitement generated at all during his set.

Eddi Reader could hardly fail to get a warm welcome from the audience anxious to have their spirits lifted after the support act and she did not disappoint. Never one of my favourites, I attended this concert with my wife who is a fan, I have to admit that she has a good voice and excellent delivery. She performed a good mixture of upbeat and ballads and kept the audience entertained throughout her set. The only down side for me was the what now seems standard chat between songs, where she espouses the ‘Lulu’ esk “I am just a wee girl from Glasgow” routine and waxes lyrical on the subject of family parties and Glasgow’s quaint foibles. I find this tiring to hear all the time and think that she is far better as a singer than a story teller.

Overall the concert was good and I would go to see her again, but have marked her down for the ‘Glasgow Banter’ and the support act.

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