Hill Walking – “Ben Venue”

//Hill Walking – “Ben Venue”

Hill Walking – “Ben Venue”

Date: 27th May, 2017

Ben Venue (729M) – Trossachs

Weather forecast was good, at least for the bulk of the day, with thunderstorms forecast for late afternoon.

Arrived in the car park around 9:45 and was climbing by 10AM. There was hardly a cloud in the sky and the temperature was climbing nicely.

There is a reasonable walk-in to this hill, through some forest, but the track is good and with no obstacles to overcome. it was a very pleasant walk and I was soon on the tractor track and gently climbing. I had attempted this mountain a few years ago and this part of the walk is unchanged, but on the previous climb it came to an abrupt halt and you were immediately thrust into boggy areas with not much of a track to follow. This has been upgraded and there is now a clear and excellent track almost to the top of the mountain. I know some people feel that a track is an eye-sore, but I am firmly in the camp of those that believe that the hills are there to be enjoyed by all and the track keeps everything, including the wildlife, safe and to a great extent undisturbed. Everyone sticks to the path and there are not people wandering here there and everywhere over the mountain. There were only a couple of boggy areas to be crossed and due to the recent good weather these were drier and easier to cross than i remember for the last time.

I made good time and managed to the summit, un-rushed, in around 2 hours. The weather was good throughout the ascent and for the time i spent on the summit. As I was departing however there was some cloud starting to drift in and there was the occasional spit of rain. I was rather slower than usual on the descent, owing to an ongoing injury sustained the other week when i had a spill off of my bike and took me closer to 2 1/2 hours, but that was down to me being slow rather than any technicalities of the descent.

I returned to the car park, with the rain becoming slightly more persistent but not a real issue. I really enjoyed the climb and would recommend it for anyone who wants a more gentle climb, but still enjoy great views from the top and still feel as though they have achieved a summit.

A panoramic image from the summit of Ben Venue, over CallanderSimple view from the summit of Ben Venue.
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