“Jack Savoretti” – Concert Review

//“Jack Savoretti” – Concert Review

“Jack Savoretti” – Concert Review


Date: 1st June,2017

Venue: Glasgow Kelvingrove Bandstand: – many years since I attended a concert at this venue and I was suitably impressed. The ‘terracing’ has been updated and there is now concrete, as well as some wooden seating installed and the whole place looked well updated and was an excellent venue. We were a little ill-prepared as we should have taken a cushion, to avoid numb-bum and the weather was pretty poor, with constant rain and although we had dressed appropriately, something dry to sit on would have been a bonus. A little surprised that there were no cushions for hire, as they do at the Tattoo in Edinburgh, but that was the only niggle. I also appreciate that local authority spending is not always available, but can’t help feeling that some sort of inexpensive, retractable covering system could be installed and would make the venue even more comfortable and appealing when the weather does not play ball. A bit of a hobby-horse for me, given our general weather, but I just feel not enough effort is made, given modern technology, to find ways around this!

Support: The support act on the night was Michael Cassidy. I had not heard of him before and was not familiar with any of his music. He performed well enough, even although by his own admission he had arrived 20 minutes late, another little thing that niggles at me. I cannot be over-critical as I always feel that support act is a hard gig. People rarely listen and I have the feeling that it would take a really impressive performance to get the crowd’s attention. He performed well, however, he did not really catch my attention and I doubt I would be rushing out to find where his next performance is.

Concert: Another little niggle I have is the amount of setup that is required between the support act and the main event. the support act had used two guitars, which took approximately 2 minutes to set up and the same to pack away after his performance. There then followed about 30 minutes of checking and tuning guitars etc for the main act. Surely this could have been completed in advance and been ready to perform almost immediately after the support act. Just a little moan!

Jack Savoretti arrived on stage to warm applause, despite the worsening conditions for the audience. He immediately launched into his set enthusiastically and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the sound systems along with the excellent screens, augmenting the live action. I am not an expert on Jack’s catalogue, but recognised many of the songs he played. He kept the chat between numbers to a minimum, although what he did say was relevant and warm towards the venue and the audience. I thought his set was excellent and well structured. he was full of energy and certainly belted out his numbers, although I found the sound levels just right, where on occasion some artists pump up the volume to excess. This was my first time seeing him and I am sure it will not be my last. An excellent performance, full of commitment and enthusiasm, well worth sitting in the rain to enjoy!

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