Hill Walking – Beinn Each

//Hill Walking – Beinn Each

Hill Walking – Beinn Each

Beinn Each – Loch Lubnaig (813m)

I decided to go for another hill walk today, despite the bad weather forecast. I have been a bit remiss recently following a little tumble off my bike and some resultant persisting injuries, which thankfully now have all but healed. I needed to get back into the open air and enjoy some hard work and solitude.

I set out relatively early, with the poor forecast not really expecting the mountains to be busy. The car park on the shores of Loch Lubnaig, just north of Callander was deserted when I arrived and right on cue the rain started, with a persistent drizzle whilst getting ready. This climb a bit like Ben A’An, although not the highest, is hard and steep right from the start. You set out from the main road onto a path through the trees and it is immediately steep. The rain had eased off again and as I climbed the thick woods blocked out the rain and the forest floor was dry and coated in pine needles. There were a few felled trees across the path, which seems to have been there for a long time, however there would appear to be no effort from the loggers to remove them and stop them obstructing the path. I would hope that this is not a deliberate tactic?

The climb was good and was reasonable hard all the way up. The rain stayed away for the ascent, although the clouds had closed in and as I climbed higher visibility reduced and by the time I reached the summit the view was down to a few dozen yards, with no views at all offered from the summit. There was pretty much a clear path from road to summit and I had no problems navigating. As I reached the summit the weather started to close in even more and the rain came in earnest. I only hung about to take my obligatory selfie and was soon on my way back down the mountain to the car park.

I managed back to the car and my usual biscuits and coffee, a little damp around the edges but nothing too serious.

I enjoyed the climb, but would only recommend it if you are feeling reasonably fit and not if you are looking for an easy ‘Corbett’ to conquer. I might have to re-do this one to see if the promised views are worth the climb!

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