“Dunkirk” – Movie Review

//“Dunkirk” – Movie Review

“Dunkirk” – Movie Review

Date: Tuesday, 8th August, 2017

Venue: Cineworld, Silverburn – another good visit, excellent cinema, good service.

Movie: Had been looking forward to this movie for some time and my viewing had been delayed by poor health, so was desperate to see it.

I think there is always a disadvantage to creating a film on a subject that almost everyone has a deep and intimate knowledge of. Everyone tends to know the outcome  and it is almost impossible to spring any surprises. One method then is to shock the audience with the horror of the situation, as in ‘Saving Private Ryan’, where the violence, particularly at the start, brought the horror of war into stark focus, given that almost all films before that had in general toned down the violence and had protected us all from the horror of the reality. I suppose that there must have been some temptation to repeat that, but in actual fact the level of graphic violence and horror was a lot lower than I expected it to be, given the subject matter of the story.

The director described several, almost unrelated stories and then brought them all together at the end of the film. The timeline of the film took a little getting used to, with the tendency to overlap sections of the storyline and almost turn back time to show things happening from a different perspective, but once I had a handle on it, I enjoyed the style.

I would suggest that there were several ‘solid’ performances from the likes of Tom Hardy, Kenneth Branagh and Mark Rylance, but I would struggle to nominate any outstanding performances. This is not always a bad thing and can just mean that the movie was full of good performances. I would say that his was the case with this movie.

I thoroughly enjoyed the film and might well re-visit it for a second viewing in the not too distant future. A good film, surprisingly lacking in extreme violence and gore and well worth a visit to the cinema.

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