“Detroit” – Movie Review

//“Detroit” – Movie Review

“Detroit” – Movie Review

Date: 12th September, 2017

Venue: Cineworld, Parkhead, as always good venue, welcoming and friendly, helpful staff.

Movie: I knew before the event that this was likely to be a traumatic and disturbing movie and so it proved. The subject matter is such that it challenges your beliefs in how people should treat and respect other human beings. The action takes place during an era that I also experienced and it is alarming that this sort of behaviour existed during my lifetime.

The movie shows the prejudice that existed as recently as the 60’s and perhaps in some areas, still existed today! We had a brief discussion only this week with a couple from Vermont, who suggested that it still exists, at best, just below the surface in many parts of the USA. I have to say that the movie was well filmed and well acted and I certainly came out feeling quite upset, which I think is probably the emotion that the films makers hope to inspire. Not really a film for anyone who is easily upset by cruelty and unfairness, but on occasion it is ok for us to be made uncomfortable and possibly challenge the behaviour we all accept and on occasion turn a blind-eye too.

A film that is well worth the viewing!

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