“Blue Rose Code” – Concert Review

//“Blue Rose Code” – Concert Review

“Blue Rose Code” – Concert Review

Date: 21st September, 2017

Venue: St Luke’s, Glasgow – An excellent venue, well run with friendly and helpful staff. Had a lovely meal in the complex at the “Winged Ox” bar/restaurant prior to the concert. Again lovely staff and excellent food at a reasonable price. We hadn’t reserved, but although busy, they managed to slot us in and the service was quick and first-class. Would recommend to anyone, even if not attending a concert and just popping in for a drink or a meal. In terms of it being a concert venue, this is the second time we have been here and in general found it excellent. There is one wee niggle however, during last night’s concert there was live entertainment also in the adjoining bar and we were able to hear this during quieter moments of our concert and it was annoying and did spoil a couple of numbers during the set for us. Perhaps the management should review this practice, or make moves to improve soundproofing?

Concert Review:

Support: I will start as always with the support act, Andy Lucas. As previously stated, I always have a measure of sympathy for the support act, as they are often not offered the level of attention from the audience that perhaps performers should expect. However, on this occasion Andy managed to capture the interest of his audience and put in a good selection of songs, performing an interesting and entertaining set, heartily encouraged by the audience. I will certainly explore his music and would not be adverse to going to see him live again.

Main Event: Although we have been fans for some time, this is the first time that we have seen Blue Rose Code live and we were not disappointed.

The main man, Ross Wilson, had the audience eating out his hand from the first number and rewarded them with an excellent concert. The music was varied and had a selection of genres and tempos. There was a mixture of new and old. All the performers were excellent, with a great horns section in danger of stealing the show at several points. Ross managed to translate his emotions to the audience through his music and the concert moved from exciting and happy through to slow, pensive and romantic. I have often made comment about acts’ stage-craft and this band has it in spades. The audience were raised and lowered and brought finally to a rousing finale that had everyone on their feet. Unusually there was no encore, however, I didn’t mind this and often feel irritated by the false process that so many performers go through, leaving the stage etc., when we all know they are going to do more numbers.

I have tickets to go and see Blue Rose Code again in a couple of weeks in Irvine and will certainly be using these to enjoy another session. An excellent concert that met all of my expectations.

(The loss of one ‘star’ in my rating was due to the venue rather than the act, with the noise interference from the adjoining bar)

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  1. Wilma Miller 22nd September 2017 at 12:59 pm - Reply

    I totally agree norman i saw them on the wednesday night and they were excellent , very calming music. Thoroughly enjoyed the concert.

    • Norman 29th September 2017 at 1:54 pm - Reply

      Hi Wilma,

      Thanks for the comment, we are going to see them again later in the year, so really looking forward to that!

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