“Kingsman, The Golden Circle” – Movie Review

//“Kingsman, The Golden Circle” – Movie Review

“Kingsman, The Golden Circle” – Movie Review

Date: 4th October, 2017

Venue: Cineworld, Silverburn – As always an excellent venue, clean and friendly. Saw the film in the ‘Superscreen’ which was a first for me and really enjoyed the bigger screen, even although times it was a lot to scan and take in.

Movie: Actually settled on this movie as a second choice as the timings for the other film I had targeted did not suit. I had seen the first in this series of films and although I had only enjoyed it moderately, I was willing to give the sequel an opportunity to impress. The film was action and violence packed, with the odd ‘funny’ thrown in for good measure. I would liken the film to some of the James Bond films, with a little more violence on show. You kind of know what the outcome is going to be, but it is still a reasonable story and they did thrown in the odd twist and turn. All the actors put in reasonable performances, with none of them trying too hard and none achieving anything outstanding. Don’t think that there will be any ‘Oscars’ awarded for this one. Elton John had a cameo role as the captive world celebrity, but he didn’t make much effort either and only just escaped without being the subject of ridicule for his performance, his agent must have talked him into appearing, or he is just desperate for more celebrity?

A reasonably entertaining film, which was worth going to see, but wouldn’t have me raving about it, nor rushing out to see the next in the series.

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