Sunrise from Beinn Narnain, Scotland (2016) 2017-07-10T21:42:31+00:00

Project Description

Photography Р2016

I hatched a plan to climb Beinn Narnain, Nr. Arrochar, aiming to reach the summit before sunrise and to capture some pictures, of what I hoped would be a spectacular, colour-filled sky and vistas.

I achieved my part by getting to the summit before the sunrise, having set out in darkness, only for nature to let me down with some heavy cloud cover and a restricted sunrise.

The results are shown below:

Sunset over Ben Lomond
Sunrise over Loch Long.
Sunrise looking up Loch Long for Beinn Narnain.
Sunrise over Ben Lomond over towards the Trossachs.
Sunrise from Beinn Narnain over Ben Lomond.
A variation on the usual 'selfie'.